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Khamira Marwareed Khas 100g


khamira Marwareed Khas for Calcium deficiency

Ajmal Khamira Marvareed Khas is made with real pearls (marvareed) and is an excellent natural source of calcium. It is potent tonic for heart and boosts energy.


Potent Tonic For The Heart

Ajmal khamira marwareed Khas is made with real pearls (marvareed) and is an excellent natural source of calcium. As a potent tonic for the heart, provides relief and also boosts energy levels.

Khamira Marwareed is a powerful herbal remedy known for its ability to relieve palpitation and anxiety, making it beneficial for both neurological and cardiac ailments. This unique formulation strengthens the heart muscles, making it particularly effective during the convalescence period.

Pearls are excellent source of calcium. Khamira Marvareed make bones stronger and gives energy to the entire body.

Khamira Marwareed Benefits:

  • Made with real pearls High Source of calcium
  • Best cardiac tonic.
  • Relieves perplexity and palpitation.
  • Useful for measles.
  • Boosts overall energy
  • Best for all kinds of general debility
  • Calcium Deficiency


Half teaspoon morning and evening or as directed by the physician.


Sandal Sufaid, Arq Gulab, Arq Baiza Mushq, Marwareed, Warq Nuqra,


Anxiety, palpitation, weakness of heart, infantile epilepsy, general debility, Chicken Pox, measles, convalescence and calcium deficiency.

Pack Size:

Available in 100g500g and 1Kg jar.


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