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Khamira Gaozaban Jadwar Ood Saleeb 100g


Khamira Gaozaban Jadwar Odd Saleb Best Herbal Medicine for Paralysis & Epilepsy (Falij)

Khamira Gaozaban Jadwar Ood Saleb Wala is most famous Unani tonic for epilepsy. It is best used in paralysis, facial paralysis, infantile epilepsy, chorea and hysteria.


Herbal Tonic For Good Health

Looking for the best Unani tonic for epilepsy? Khamira Gaozaban Jadwar Ood Saleeb Wala fits the bill. This renowned tonic is highly effective in addressing paralysisfacial paralysisinfantile epilepsy, chorea, and hysteria.

Khamira Gaozaban Jadwar Ood Saleeb is known for its beneficial effects on brain and nerve health. This herbal remedy is effective in alleviating various forms of nervous weakness (Asabi Kamzori) in the body, while also enhancing muscle function and strengthening the nerves.

Ajmal Khameera has best proven results. It is prescribed a lot to epileptic and paralysis patients with successful results.


Best for loss of muscle functions of body, face, convulsions & tremors

  • Unani Tonic (Epilepsy)
  • Treats Falij (Paralysis)
  • Imroves Laqva (Facial Palsy)
  • Zofe Asab (Weakness of Nerves, Neuro Asthenia)
  • Helps with Khafqan (palpitation).


5g in the morning and evening on an empty stomach with water.


Gaozaban, Khasneez, Abresham, Sandal Sufaid, Behman Sufaid, Tukhm Balingo, Ustukhdoos, Badar Najboiya, Todri Surkh, Balchar, Jadwaar, Ood Saleb, Shehad, Chini


Epilepsy, paralysis, facial paralysis, infantile epilepsy, Chorea, hysteria, cerebral atony and nervous debility.

Pack Size:

Available in 100g500g and 1kg jar.


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