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Khamira Banafsha 100gm


Khamira Banafsha, Herbal Remedy for Cough, Cold & Fever

Khamira Banafsha is herbal medicine for all kinds of fever, common cold, cough and other chest diseases.


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Khamira Banafsha is a potent herbal remedy specifically formulated to combat various ailments such as fevercommon coldcough, and respiratory conditions. This remarkable herbal medicine effectively alleviates symptoms associated with chest diseases.

It is useful in cold, cough high body temperature and constipation. It has mild laxative properties. It reduces thirst and throat inflammation.

The main ingredient in Ajmali Khameera Banafsha is Sweet Violet ( Banafsha). This herb is used world wide to help relieve respiratory problems such as cough, asthma, nasal congestion, and ease body pain, fever and Headaches.


  • Reduces Fever
  • Fights Cold & Flu
  • Removes Heat from Body
  • Helps with Throat Inflammation


one teaspoon morning and evening on an with water or mix it in Ajmal Joshanda


Gul e Banafsha


Fever, common cold, catarrh, cough and mild constipation.

Pack Size:

Available in 100g.


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