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Khamira Badam Ajmal 100gm


Khamira Badam Herbal Tonic for Memory & Eyesight

Khamira Badam Ajmali strengthens brain and eyesight. It improves memory power and prevents hair fall.


Herbal Remedy For Brain & Eyesight

Experience the incredible benefits of Khamira Badam Ajmali, a powerful tonic that strengthens brain health and enhances eyesight. This exceptional formulation not only boost memory power but also safeguards against hair fall, making it a comprehensive solution for multiple concerns.

Khameera is known for its ability to alleviate body dryness, promote sleep induction, and deliver favorable outcomes in conditions like amnesia and overall physical weakness.


  • Improves memory Power
  • Improves Eyesight
  • Strengthens Brain
  • Removes Dryness from head
  • Cures Cold, catarrh


Take 5 grams of Khameera in the morning and evening on an empty stomach, with water.


Badam (Almonds)


Khamira Badam has been found effective in managing various conditions including cardiovascular disorders, cerebral atony, palpitation, Anxiety, phlegmatic cough, and weakness of eyesight

Pack Size:

Available in 100g.


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